We will soon be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of Romero Laboratory Furniture by Juan Romero Jodar. Since that time the products and services provided by Romero have changed a great deal; yet Romero’s team continues to be engaged in the founder’s mission to provide outstanding results with a passion for customer service.

Romero is recognised by the elite of the global research and teaching communities as an efficient company capable of offering the high service levels, the most advanced products and the ability to compete in the most demanding projects. We are committed to integrated, ergonomic, ecological and sustainable laboratories. Our three product lines, Romerotech, Aerotech and VGTech provide a full set of solutions, each with three main customer benefits: Safety, ergonomics and efficiency.

What started in a small workshop in Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid), is today a diverse international company with more than half of its income coming from international markets. Our production, R&D&I centres and sales offices are located in Spain and the United Kingdom with our customers now in four continents.

After fifty years of success the company is performing well and we are confident that the best is yet to come. We are relying on you and you can rely on us.

 About us 1970

1970 Foundation

In 1967 Juan Romero Jodar founded Romero Muebles de Laboratorio. A company, which thanks to his effort and know-how, has progressed to the present day with the highest technical competence and financial strength. Innovation and the use of new technologies that inspired the founder are still our trademarks.

About us 1980

1980 Patents

The research and development work to realise the best products goes back to 1976 when the original designs were conceived and early patents and trademarks registered. The company has had an ongoing progression of its laboratory systems with a focus on ergonomics and safety.

About us 1990

1990 Certificates

Since 1967 Romero has provided its customers with personal attention and professionally controlled its internal processes allowing it to achieve EN ISO 9001:2000 authorised by the prestigious TÜV CERT German institute. Likewise, since 2005 Romero has carried out its environmental management in accordance with EN ISO 14001:2004, also authorised by TUV. In parallel product certifications were completed following rigorous testing of the furniture systems.

About us 2000

2000 Ergonomics

Continuous product innovation led Romero to develop the series Romerotech, Movitech and Aerotech, which are now laboratory furniture benchmarks. Common to all are technical efficiency, ergonomics and the integration lighting, services and safety devices.

About us, Romero UK

2006 Romero UK

We delve into the UK market with the opening of Romero UK.

About us 2010

2010 International Expansion

Romero is firmly committed to its international development following the acquisition of Premier Laboratory systems Ltd, a Scottish company well known in the laboratory sector. International projects include Imperial College, Cambridge University, UCB and many others in the UK, Ireland, Portugal and Germany.