Fume Cupboards

Materials: Manufactured from epoxy coated steel and aluminium together with laminate faced MDF. The interior vertical liners and baffles can be supplied in solid grade laminate, polypropylene or stainless steel with the bench tops selected from ceramic, epoxy resin, stainless steel or polypropylene.

Height: Overall height of the fume cupboard can be 2600 or 2430 mm according to project requirements.
Fume cupboard worktop can be supplied at height 900, 750, 500 mm or omitted for a Walk-in fume cupboard.

Functions: The fume cupboards are supplied to suit the proposed usage incl.chemical, industrial, biological, radioactive etc. All fume cupboards comply with safety standard UNE EN 14175 and are certified by TÜV CERT (GS).

Installations: Control systems can be selected from “Flowtronic” system class F-1, class F-2, class F-3, class F-4 or a centralised control system.

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